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whiskey jack

meet me down by the railroad track

Cadet A.
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klein collins flying tigers. afjrotc is my life. literally.
i go to school at 6:50 am, don't come home till almost 5.
it's a job, that i love.
i have a rank. airman first class. (e-3)
i'm in the girls unarmed drill team.
go us.
and the orienteering.
i got third place at our first meet.

but drill is the best part.
you make up a routine, and perform it before di's,
god-forbid the females.
then you get placed.
we flying tigers have already made state.

so, if anyone lives in southern texas,
come down to houston november 4th to watch us compete.
i'll be in the drill, so see me too.

cadet a.

ps: this journal knows nothing of pacifists,
or cheerleaders.
be warned. graphic-ness is a curse.....

i want)
.a new photoshop
.more firneds
.higher education
.a music video for BoB w/ the song 'Butterlies && Hurricanes' by 'Muse'
.a music video for Webgott w/ the song 'Endlessly' by 'Muse'
.some love =D

i was stamped as the killer hat medic dude ralph spina.

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