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whiskey jack
meet me down by the railroad track
so, for a long while now, i have had my rank of airman first class.
or e-3.
but i'm an element leader, so i'll get double bumped soon.

ohh, and this summer, i so want to go to utsa.
looks like ranger fun!
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Yeah. I've been gone for a while. I'm sorry. But, I have many stories to say! So, for the AFJROTC meet, we did very well. We placed overall, again. Woo-hoo! And for my part, two first places. I was almost ready to pass out. Not only because we had a longsleeve and service coat, but because I was so nervous! Ahh!
So, yeah. Some pictures. Oh, and Military Ball. I was voted 'Duchess'...Go me!
I'm in the blue. I still need to get my Duchess pictures from the Colonel.
Here are some pictures from the Military Ball too!

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drill competition on the 4th of november. if you live in southern texas, come and see me && my gang! we are so gunna rock it.
going to a christian rock concert tonite. i need god right now.
i owe him.

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so i finally got myself to depart from myspace. not really, but it's a start. so, basically, i'm just a military brat, who is in afjrotc, and plans on joining the army.
i want to fly, but, i am afraid of heights. ironic, no?

i don't get rank until december. but i am still an element leader in bravo-flight. so, until then, i'm just a cadet. a green. who happens to be on the drill and orienteering team.
klein collins flying tiger.

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